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LondonJazzNews starts from a genuine enthusiasm for jazz and related music, for the energy, range and diversity of the scene all around us, and for the people who make it happen. It is not a for-profit venture - we know the jokes about that too.

In addition to providing what is and will remain a free service, we (Sebastian Scotney and Rob Edgar) have also started to cover some costs by doing bespoke, remunerated work to help promoters, festivals and artists to increase their visibility.

* We have competitively priced advertising packages based around the site, the newsletter, and our other social media presence.

* We have taken on some bespoke publicist work, which has tended to be around CD launches, but doesn't have to be.

* We have taken on commissions to live-blog from festivals.

Contact us to discuss some options to meet your needs.


  1. Ever since buying the Gary Potter Quartet CD I've been trying to find out if these guys play live.

    I can't find any listings for them. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi

    Gary performs regularly in the Noth West of England. Quite often these are small venue gigs which are not very well promoted and are communicated by word of mouth. Recently he has performed with Daniel John Martin when Daniel he is in the UK. If you keep up to date with Daniels gigs then you might catch up with Gary.