When you search for Jazz news

If you Googlesearch for news about Jazz, you often have to skim through , and discard, long lists of references to these tall and speedy gentlemen from the Mormon capital (above.
But the news feed at the fledgling BBC Jazz page might not quite be up to scratch yet. It has let this story through, about tricky pay negociations at the Honda plant in Swindon.

Skoolboy error there, from the world's largest broadcaster: Honda have a model called....yes you guessed.


  1. Type in Getz - Hyundai Getz Street Cool. Street cool? He sure was.

  2. Sometimes basketball news ARE Jazz news though:

    And it must be said that "New Orleans Jazz" was a great name for a basketball team. It is a shame it was moved to Utah.

  3. I don't know if Ronnie Scott agreed with this view about Stan Getz as shown by this quote."…I'm convinced I sustained a slipped disc bending over backwards to please Stan Getz…"