Andy Williamson's hour on the fourth plinth

Go to this video link to view saxophonist and all-round nice guy Andy Williamson from the Brass Volcanoes....pouring himself a drink....playing a gentle warm-up tune.... talking about kidney transplants (he's a beneficiary)...playing a few blues choruses after [28:00], showing off his kidney transplant scar, taking a call from his mum, playing a soulful Round Midnight [38:30]....talking about falling in love with the saxophone as a youngster in Bishop Auckland through listening to Plas Johnson's playing of Pink PantherItalic [42:00].

You see the evening closing in over Trafalgar Square to the strains of Blue Monk . Then, for the last ten minutes, a bit of economics, castigating the relentless pursuit of economic growth...talking with emotion about the world his first child will be born into, as he watches the traffic fume past....

It's a professionally produced video, with proper sound.....Nice one, Andy!

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