Peter Parker's in Denmark Street

Here's a promoter new to the scene called Hot Dog with a monthly gig on the third Tuesday. At a venue - Peter Parker's, in London's rock heartland , at 4 Denmark Street- which, I think, is putting on jazz forthe first time. They tell me they want the evening to be "young, hip, late and loud."

The first gig is on Tuesday May 18th with a Tomorrow's Warriors band featuring tenor saxophonist Binker Golding and trombonist Nathaniel Cross. The next will be on June 15th. Reports please!


  1. It was a great night. Intimate little venue that really suited the mood. Some top fresh new talent played. Hot Dog is to be applauded and I look forward to future events.

  2. I've gotta say it was a blast - hot, intimate, the players responded to the proximity and enthusiasm of the audience - a young crowd and some great paintings from Tom Campbell from St Martins

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