Chris Dagley

Shocking news today. Chris Dagley (above) was killed when returning from a gig at Ronnie Scott's on his motor bike. Aged just 39, there can be nobody who brought such energy and enthusiasm to his work as a musician. Friends from MYJO and NYJO, Colleagues at Ronnie's, people who remember recording sessions such as an important CD with Clare Teal are talking about him today with the warmth and affection which is the norm for the British jazz community.

This is a cruel and utterly tragic loss.


-RONNIE'S BENEFIT On Monday September 20th Ronnie Scott's is hosting a benefit gig for Chris's dependents. Details HERE.

- HOW TO DONATE Following a conversation with Chris's family today (Aug 20th)

People who would like to send donations to support Chris Dagley's family should send a cheque payable to


to the Funeral Directors


- OBITUARY A full obituary by John Fordham in the Guardian can be found here.

memorial page on Facebook with several video clips

-FUNERAL Chris Dagley’s funeral was on Thursday 12th August at noon, at Breakspear Crematorium, Breakspear Rd, Ruislip HA4 7SJ

-BENEFIT GIG AUG 22ND Andy Panayi has organized a benefit concert DETAILS HERE


  1. Horrible to read this, what a tragic waste. Speaking as a punter, I really enjoyed his playing whenever he was in the house band at Ronnie's - he always swung like mad, with so much infectious energy.

    RIP Chris

  2. What a terrible loss. Chris was such a wonderful drummer and person, and Ronnie's will surely be a different place without him.
    My thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

  3. This is terrible news. I saw Chris many times at Ronnies and always thought he was a terrific musician. Saw him last just a few weeks ago when he was in the house band at the Kurt Elling residence. I send my condolences to Chris's family and all the musicians he played with. Rest in peace brother Chris.

  4. A brilliant drummer, who knocked me out last time I heard him, as he always did. Truly terrible news.
    Alex Webb

  5. I knew him as a 13 year old whiz kid 25 years ago in MYJO and have never failed to be amazed by his talent and character every time i worked with him since.
    This is an utter tragedy.
    R.I.P. mate.
    Andy Rogers.

  6. An awesome and inspiring drummer, a loyal husband,a great Dad to his three girls and a good friend to all his muso mates. He has left a legacy of what hard work, commitment, fire and energy can do to a band and lead the way for many younger players. RIP Daggers

  7. This must be a truly desperately sad day for his family....
    saw him play just a few weeks ago at Ronnies.... way way to young to die.
    What a tragedy.
    I feel for his family.
    RIP Chris....

  8. I am shocked at this tragic news. Chris was a tremendous musician and a lovely guy and his death at such a young age is a hammer blow for British jazz. The last time we worked together was in the Ronnie Scott's big band about a month ago and, as always, he knocked everyone out with his power, swing and drive. He will be much missed by his colleagues and jazz fans.

  9. There are no words right now to express the loss of such a lovely person. Sympathy to his family.

  10. Having known Chris for over 20 years, this has left me completely numb. All my thoughts are with Jan, his beautiful children and his Mum & Dad - RIP Daggers!
    Jacqui Hicks

  11. I am devastated at the news. I took over from Chris at NYJO and spent my Saturday mornings for over a year sitting by his hi-hat taking in every note he played, I must have seen him play hundreds of times. He was a huge influence on my playing and a lovely lovely man. RIP Chris, I'll miss you.

  12. My little brother Christopher: I was always so proud of you and you probably never knew it.We didn't see enough of each other in recent years due to the miles between us, and work commitments, but I will miss you forever.
    With lots of love from Big Sister Sarah, and all your family in Birmingham.
    Love and thoughts to Jan, Lewis, Lucy and Louise-as well as to our Parents xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. hard to find the words to describe how tragic and desperately sad this is.
    we are thinking of you jan, molly, david and the kids. all our love pete and lucy. xx

  14. So sad. We knew Chris from NYJO back in the late 80's early 90's. We are really shocked. Such a nice guy, and a phenomenal drummer. RIP.
    Paul and Julie Cooper

  15. i will always remember you chris as my uncle R.I.P lots of love emily webster!!!

  16. I can't express my sadness right now. Numb and tearful. From a lead tpt point of view playing with him was a pure joy. I guess only the good die young. Dagley was world class.

  17. Such a sad loss to everyone my thoughts go out to jan and the children,molly and david and sarah just so hard to take in we was all proud of you and your music,Ian, karl,gemma,adam,jamie
    R.I.P. Chris,

  18. As a fellow drummer I had huge admiration for Chris' playing. I didn't know him personally but always marvelled at how much he made me love listening to the drums. One of those players I could listen to till the cows came home. An inspirational legacy.

  19. I remember doing a wonderful open air gig at Marble Hill with Chris a few years ago - that's the way I'll remember him.
    At c.6.00 tonight Aretha Franklin sang I Say A Little Prayer on Radio 4.
    God bless,
    Paul Scott

  20. Was in NYJO with Chris, he was so talented and so nice. His poor family. RIP Chris xx

  21. Chris was so talented and a great guy to hang out with too..I went to Portugal with NYJO many years ago and Chris played with so much power and grace.
    And he made an intense gig way more fun than I expected-he had a mischevious sense of fun that made his brilliance behind the kit all the more endearing...W
    Chris, I am many thousands of miles away in America, but right now all I can think of is how lucky I was to play with you...
    Drummers are a Bass Player's closest friend on the Bandstand. Thankyou for all I learned from you.
    We will miss you.

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  23. It was a dog day afternoon in 1978 when I met him.
    Just shy of his 7th birthday, Molly, his devoted mother had brought him to an MYJO gig in Marston Green.
    In the intermission Molly brought him over and with the presience that only a mother can have, and as it turned out a capacity for enormous understatement, said to me,
    "This is Christopher, he wants to be a drummer".

    I remember now the look of enthusiasm and wonder in his young eyes as he looked over my shiny Ludwig drum kit, and somehow I had a hunch right there and then that he was going to be special.

    Fast forward to 1984. I'd given him a handful of lessons with thankfully no lasting damage, and made a conscious decision that it was time for me to leave MYJO and move on. So bursting with talent was Chris that I felt I had had my turn and that he needed an opportunity to flourish.

    The acclaim and plaudits deservedly came in thick and fast, and after what seems like only a few months in my recollection I had a phone call from Bill Ashton soliciting my opinion on Chris as a suitable replacement for Mike Smith with NYJO. Needless to say I was delighted to be consulted and gave him a ringing endorsement.

    There then followed a tenure with NYJO that was little short of historic. With all due respect to all NYJO's drummers previous and subsequent he set the bar at an all time high, and to my mind throughout those years Chris Dagley raised NYJO to a level not seen before or since.

    It came as no surprise that he went on to become one of London's most gifted, versatile and in demand drummers. Totally on top of every musical undertaking from big bands to boy bands, and of more recent years his work in the Ronnie Scott's house band was peerless.

    Our lives had drifted apart of recent years but I kept an eye on his achievements albeit from a distance.

    I was proud to have known him and to have played a very small part in his journey in the music industry. Indeed he was the little bother I never had, and my thoughts are with his family at this heartbreaking time.

    Pete Cater

    RIP my friend. Proud to have known you.

  24. Mr Dagley Sir, What a loss. My thoughts are with Jan and the kids and his parents.
    I played with Chris some years ago in a band called WOT THE FUNK I soon realised that I had to raise my game as the band and Daggers were just off the scale, best lesson I've ever had. The world is a lesses place with you not in it.

    TROOT 2U


  25. I remember Chris from a couple of Clare Teal's concerts - a handsome, amazing drummer, totally stole the show ;-) What a tragic loss of such a talented young man. My thoughts are with his family at this devastating time xxx

  26. As a fellow pro drummer and also fellow dad I am truly shocked and upset today.
    Our paths never crossed but I always admired your playing.
    I thought about leaving a message on your Facebook page but when I scrolled down and saw a post between you and your son I simply choked up and had to turn off.
    My heart goes out to your family, i hope they get thru this somehow.
    You now occupy the drum chair of the british big band in the sky.
    RIP Chris. x

  27. Oh wow. I saw him earlier this month supporting the Stanley Clarke gig. He was always such a showman. Fate has a cruel heart.

  28. As Christoper Dagleys Oldest Nephew I just want to thankyou all for your lovely comments and just say that Chris for me was a second to none drummer and to me personally a complete Hero!! We are all completly shellshocked and heartbroken that some one so full of life and energy with such a lovely family in Jan, Lewis, Lucy and Lousie has been taken from us so suddendly and tragicially!!

  29. Chris was the first choice for my album and he found time for me, the same as he did for everyone else. He will be greatly missed.
    Stephen McCarthy

  30. I am so shocked by this news. A tragic thoughts are with Jan, David, Molly and the children. Rest in peace Chris x

  31. Chris, you're going to be hugely missed but always loved

    Adrian Revell

  32. i just saw a post on this in facebook
    i never new this musician but it sounds as though he will be deeply deeply missed

    from robert t henderson musician glasgow

  33. Paul Jordanous28 July 2010 at 23:35

    Never got to play with him, and met him only briefly, but was always amazed by his energy and skills on the drums.
    I saw him playing the last tune at Ronnies last night, which turned out to be his last tune.
    As always was amazing, he kept on restarting the tune at the end, didnt want it to finish and was having fun.

    Always saw him as a wonderful drummer, and a nice guy, after seeing how vibrant he was last night, its just such a shame. RIP Chris Dagley,

  34. Chris - thank you so much for all you did. Muddy and I are raising a glass to you as we speak, we have so many happy memories of you. All our love to Jan, the kids and David and Molly.

    Clare Teal & Muddy Field xxxx

  35. Such a heartbreaking and tragic loss. I only played with Chris a few times but I always loved his playing, spirit, energy, and personality. He seemed like a very warm and loving individual. My heart goes out to his family. Chris you will be deeply missed.

    Phil Donkin

  36. I'd heard all about him from a mutual friend - he was really loved and respected, not just as a musician but also as a shining example of a human being and a great great friend - the few times I met him very recently at Ronnies he oozed humanity and lit up the space with his infectious humour - much too young to leave his world ....... why? My greatest sympathy to all his loved ones........

  37. Was in NYJO briefly with Chris...had never seen a drummer play the way he did and haven't since. What an incredibly tragic loss.

    Prayers go out to his family.

    God bless xxx

  38. You made so much of my music sound better than it was - thanks for being a pal and an inspiration
    John Altman

  39. I'm lost for words, other than to say that Chris was not only a great musician but a truly great person too...I remember playing with him on his first gig with MYJO when he was only 12 and his fantastic attitude then stayed with him throughout his wonderful career. My thoughts go to Jan, Molly, Dave and the children! RIP mate. Jason williams

  40. The business is a sadder place today. What a tragic loss to all of us who were lucky enough to know him as a mate and all of those he inspired with his phenomenal playing. A muso's muso. I feel sure that his family will take comfort and pride in the knowledge that he was a truly loved and respected pro and that his passing has left a void that will be so hard to fill.

    R.I.P Daggers, it was an absolute privilege.

    Mike 'Ozzie' Osborn

  41. Chris you're a diamond. We've recorded together a number of times in the past 15 years and you always brought light in to the room. Light and brilliance. What a terrible shame mate. I know you'll be gutted. Love to your family, and thanks for all the music. RIP xJ

  42. It was a privilege to know and play with you, Chris x

    Pete Callard

  43. A fellow musician to my father and an idol for me... Chris was my inspiration to start playing drums a long time ago and never ceased to amaze me with his talent.

    Thank you for the inspiration and RIP Chris.

    xxx CC

  44. It was a very special evening at Ronnie Scott's tonight. Many musicians gathered to play, pay tribute and talk about the lovely Chris Dagley. He will be sorely missed. A fantastic night of music was dedicated to Chris tonight - and well deserved. He was a fantastic drummer and his passing has left a big hole at Ronnie's and in the jazz community. RIP Chris.
    Kerry Hodgkin

  45. Very sad news indeed :-(( RIP Chris
    Mike Yorke, Ex MYJO,NYJO.

  46. I can't believe he'll never walk into the room with that grin on his face again... Chris was the rarest guy, an utterly fantastic drummer who could take the band to different levels by the sheer brilliance and perfect grooving of his playing - and the lovliest guy you could wish to meet. I don't think I ever heard anyone say the smallest negative thing about him, he was truly loved by all. So desperately sad for his wife and family. Daggers - was an honour to have known and played with you. I'm gonna miss you so much mate.

    Paul 'Harry' Harris

  47. I never knew about this man but just reading the tributes tells me how wonderful he must have been. I'm sorry not to have been aware of him or to see him play.

    Carol Brady.

  48. I was at junior school with Chris. He was an amazing drummer even then. I followed his career with real interest. Rest in peace, Chris

  49. I'm still reeling and numb from the loss of such a close friend as Chris. I couldn't believe what I was listening to when I first played with you in NYJO in 1987. We were 16 and I was still a mere beginner compared to you. I will treasure our times on the bandstand together and the nights we stayed up late listening to music and marvelling at our idols. Well, my friend, there will be generations of drummers to come who will be listening to recordings of you with their jaws on the floor as they marvel at your brilliance.

    You were a huge contributor to the growth and success of my jazz gig at Boaters and I will always be proud to know that you played there more often than anyone else. As we approach the gig's 20th Anniversary in a few months time, there will be a huge hole left by your absence and any anniversary celebrations will be tinged with sadness, knowing that I will never share the stage with you again.

    My deepest condolences to David, Molly, Jan, Lewis, Lucy and Louise.

    I will miss you, geezer.

    Simon Carter

  50. He was a total star and we all loved him. I am so sorry for James Pearson and Sam Burgess - they were all like brothers. They will miss him so much. Deepest Condolences to his lovely family
    Its is so tragic.

  51. It’s a terrible tragedy that Chris Dagley has passed away. You can help remember him by contributing to his memorial website at

  52. Watching Chris play was a joy, education and pleasure. A very kind and caring man with a drive and passion in his step. Talking with him and sharing a pint at the Dog and Duck was great fun, hilarious.

    I will miss listening to him play, a true talent
    RIP Daggers

    John Blease

  53. I'm shocked and deeply saddened by this tragic news and my condolences and deepest sympathy goes to his family & children.

    Chris was the one guy I could write "anything" for and he always came up with the most brilliant and powerful musical solutions to any musical situation. My fondest memory of Chris Dagley is when we had to back a Barbra Streisand tribute act as a favour to a non-musical mutual friend. It was a low key, no fee situation ... but that man made the music come to life in such a way that everyone in the room knew they were in the presence of true greatness. It was a pleasure to play with and learn from a contemporary with such huge talent and musical understanding. RIP Chris.

    Josh Daniels

  54. Darren Ashford29 July 2010 at 12:49

    A very sad day that we lose such a great human being and musician such as Chris.
    I knew Chris during his NYJO years and as fellow students of Bob Armstrong we would compare experiences of our lessons with excitement.
    In later years we would bump into each other at drum clinics or at Ronnies and it would spark memories of that happy time.
    A great musician with boundless enthusiasm and energy, he will be sorely missed.

    My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

  55. I was shocked and saddened to hear this tragic news. I saw Chris on many occasions when he was drumming for Marti Pellow. His talent & dedication to his craft knew no bounds. He always had a smile and time for a chat with Marti's regular fans. A true gent who will be truly missed & fondly remembered.

    Helen Clayton

  56. I only saw Chris play once, in April this year. We sat right behind him and throughout the whole set I was completely mesmerised.

    The All-Stars were the supporting act that night and I vowed to go back and see them headline as soon as possible. Sadly I didn't get to do so before yesterday.

    Such a tragic loss, and my thoughts go out to his family and friends.

  57. Such a sad and tragic loss.
    Chris was a fantastic drummer who I had seen when drummimg for Marti Pellow.
    God bless you Chris, my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends .

    Gina Jarvis

  58. i last saw play at ronnies 2 weeks ago and couldn't stop smiling, thats just what his playing did to me.

    he transcended technique or any material qualities, when he played it was his soul you were hearing. i've only been going to ronnies for a short while but chris became the reason i went - he was and is my musical education.

    thanks for the music chris

  59. Me and my partner had starting going to Ronnie Scott's more and more regularly just to see the house band. It was their music that was the real draw for us.

    We went to their Errol Garner tribute night three weeks ago and we were privileged to be sat at the front. Chris's playing was hypnotic and exciting, I watched amazed as he used every part of the drums, swapping sticks and brushes to make every stroke count. It made me smile that he always played in what looked like a really uncomfortable position!

    We were talking afterwards about the amazing drum/conga set piece he participated in at the end of the night. It was so bloody amazing it made us laugh with joy. We agreed it was the best night of music we had ever heard.

    My heart goes out to Chris's friends and family, I can't imagine how you all must be feeling.

    I was just a face in the audience, but I felt compelled to write something on here. His music meant a great deal to us. I am very sad he has died, life can be so very unfair.

    RIP Chris

  60. We visited Ronnie's on a rare trip to London earlier this year and Chris was playing that night. I'd never seen him before but it was very soon clear to me that the guy was talented beyond words and it was a priviledge to see him perform.

    We left the club with big involuntary smiles on our faces because his playing had that effect on you and we knew we'd whitnessed something remarkable.

    Our thoughts are with his family - this is awful for them.

    RIP Chris.

  61. Saw him for the very first time last week at Ronnie's, before Stanley Clarke came on. Chris' playing blew me away. This is really sad - what a loss! RIP.
    -Ash Banerjee

  62. So shocked at the news of Chris's sudden and tragic death. I had the pleasure of working with him regularly at Ronnie's with the James Pearson Trio. What a huge loss to the London music community. My heart and prayers are with his family, especially his wife and 3 young children.
    R.I.P Daggers.
    Thanks for the amazing music.

  63. Chris was a great talent. He played a gig with Howard Levy in Richmond in 2077. There was no rehearsal time but he played throughout with such sensitivity. Here is a clip of the full trio with Geoff Castle (p) and Dave Jones (b).


  64. Some of my fondest memories are of living in the Rayners Lane flat with Chris Jan and Neal.We spent most of the time laughing and even though our paths didn't cross very often in the last few years Chris could still make me laugh when I saw him.I'll miss you old pal.

    Pat Hartley

  65. Such a tragic loss. It is so sad and i am still in shock. You will be so missed by everyone, as you can see.
    As my Mum said, it was a shame we didn't see much of you because of the distance between us, but will never forget the times we did spend together throughout the years.
    You will always be in our hearts
    R.I.P Uncle
    xxxxx <3 <3

  66. steve chandley29 July 2010 at 17:52

    I am shocked to hear that Chris has passed way. I worked with him a couple of times and my memory of those gigs was his drumming. He was the greatest I have known and I will never forget him. RIP Chris.
    Steve Chandley

  67. Devastating news. I met him when he was recommended to me for a Clare Teal album I produced. It was an inspired recommendation and he brought an unique style and personality to the recordings. I wish I could have worked with him more. A very sad loss.

  68. Darling Chris
    I'll be singing for you tomorrow night. You were such a beautiful part of the band. I just can't believe I'll turn around on stage and not see your cheeky face again! You were such a joy.
    Deepest sympathy to Jan and the children and to your lovely mum and dad.
    2 shows tomorrow, dedicated to you, we're going to raise the roof.
    Miss you mate.
    All love
    Claire Martin

  69. Sad news,

    RIP Chris

    Martyn Yorke
    Friend of Nyjo & Myjo

  70. Absolutely devasted to hear within the last hour of this tragic loss from a mutual friend. Chris was always great company and a superb and versatile drummer in any setting, as totally sincere in his approach to music as to life in general. I am deeply saddened that Chris has left us at such a young age. My heartfelt condolences to all the family. Nigel Thorne.

  71. SIncerest thoughts and prayers to all of Chris's family, friends and someone that had the pleasure of seeing Chris perform, he had an amazing energy but also a unique style and quality to his drumming that made it such a pleasure for a "non-musician" like myself to watch in awe at his style. He truly showed how to drum,how it could be made into an artform. God bless.

  72. I am proud to have played with Chris, (a totally awesome talent indeed) but I am honored to have been his friend. His boundless enthusiasm and passion for life and music and his dedication to being the best he could be was inspiring. An absolute gentleman and a kindred spirit in this mad world, I loved him dearly and shall miss him greatly. I can't believe I won't hear him laugh again. A rare and beautiful flame has been most prematurely extinguished.
    My thoughts are with Jan and their beautiful children.

    Chris, you will always be remembered with love.
    Nigel Hitchcock

  73. Sam Gregg nee Gardner29 July 2010 at 20:55

    Just heard the devasting news that my childhood friend has passed away. I remember fondly summers spent in my aunt's back garden, me (Sam), my sister (Rachel), Ian and Paul (my counsins), Chris, Sarah and Nicky camped out in a tent having a laugh. I just can't believe what's happened. RIP Chris. We will all miss you.

  74. All my family have been huge fans of Chris' since we first heard him play in NYJO. I have always been inspired by Chris' passionate musical presence and alongside the music, I will never forget that smile and enthusiasm. I went to a drum clinic of Chris' a few years ago with my brothers, who were also students of Bob Armstrong and it was a great boost even as a non drummer! I send my love and heartfelt thoughts to Jan and the children and Molly and David. I thank you Chris for inspiring so many of us. I know you will continue to be a muse for many generations to come.

    Hattie Webb

  75. I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear this terrible news. We played mainly at the Boaters in Kingston and Chris was always amazing, but more than that he was a bright spirit, a smiling face, an incredibly positive guy who loved playing, music, life and everything. I can't believe what has happened.
    RIP Chris.
    Theo Travis

  76. Chris wasn't just a brilliant drummer he was a good uncle as well. My dad brought me some drums to have some lessons from him but he didn't get the chance.I would love to be as good as him one day.I hope my cousins and Nan and Grandad are ok. I will miss him.
    From Sam Davis age 8

  77. Happy memories of playing with you driving the band back in NYJO days and at odd times since. You played with other friends from NYJO at our wedding. I will always consider this an absolute privilege to have had your wonderful musicianship there and to have had the opportunity to perform with you. Your smile and good humour was always evident and this showed through your great playing. An inspiration.
    I cannot imagine the sadness your family must be feeling at this terrible time and also all your great friends. You will be sorely missed by all. My thoughts are with your family and friends.
    Thank you for what you gave to us all.

  78. Only saw him once: last Saturday in the warm up to the Alan Skidmore gig at Ronnie's.

    But I could see that he was an incredibly talented drummer, and his solo was one of the key moments of a fantastic evening from my point of view.

    Very sad...

  79. Janek Gwizdala30 July 2010 at 07:18

    I don't think it's sunk in fully yet what a tragic loss this is. I knew chris for 15 years and played many many times with him. I've been thinking about him as I've been playing these last couple of days and just knowing what a profound influence he's had on me from the times early on in music checking him out, to sharing the bandstand with him in so many different settings. A huge part of my musical education, and an incredibly kind human being. So much love for him always.

    Janek Gwizdala

  80. What terribly sad news for everybody who knew him. I first met Chris when he was the young star drummer with NYJO. I was conducting the band at Ronnie Scott's for a live recording of a tricky piece of mine in 7/4. Chris had no problems at all with this chart, even though he had mislaid it, and he played it perfectly. He was the main drummer with Paz during the 90s and it was a real pleasure to work with him. He was always very positive, enthusiastic and such a nice guy to share the stand with. I still can't believe that he's gone and he will sorely missed by all who knew him. Deepest condolences to his family.

  81. Ray Gelato.

    What a terrible tragedy and loss to the music world. We only spoke and had a laugh a few weeks ago. Chris was one of the very best drummers around, and such a lovely positive fella. He will be missed. RIP Chris.

  82. Today I am very sad.
    Chris, you have been my friend for nearly 25 years, I was 16 you were 15, i worked in the drum shop in Bimingham and came to see you play on a myjo rehersal, my jaw hit the floor. Since that day I have been a fan, you have welcomed me as a friend and we have kept in touch and hooked up whenever we could.
    You always gave 100% to everything never content with half measures and never failed to blow me away everytime I saw you play.
    I remember once we went together to see Dave Weckl with Chick Corea in about 1987 , both sporting our Weckl hair styles we were so excited and looking so good(?).You had your trusty sony walkman tape recorder balanced on the balcony to record the gig, after the gig and an education in fusion you discovered you had not put a tape in the machine, classic Daggers.
    I'll miss you so much mate, a beautiful person who always had me crying with laughter and the best drummer who never failed to move me into general disbelief and pride when i saw you play. Your massive influence is in all who had the pleasure to watch or hear you play.
    Love and thoughts are with Jan, Molly and Dave and your beautiful kids xxx
    Jason Keyte

  83. Nobody should die that young, especially somebody so talented and such a warm human being. I just hope that he wasn't in pain

  84. Chris was the greatest friend I've ever had, we only ever had the greatest of times together, he was the most beautiful, generous and loving person I've ever known. Words cannot describe the pain and sorrow that is being felt. I will love you forever and ever Chris, and I look forward to meeting up with you again in the world to come. To Jan and the children, Dave and Molly I wish you all a very long life and my love goes out to you all, if I can do anything at all to assist in any way please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Arden x

  85. Unbelieveably Tragic for a man in his prime to be taken from us in such a way.
    He will be sorely missed.
    RIP Chris!

  86. I knew Chris briefly as I worked in the local pub where all the Ronnie Scott's lot would come in for a pre-gig drink. He was always chatty and polite and recently helped me get rid of a mouse! I still think you're gonna come in and get your Kronenbourg!

    RIP Chris

  87. i had the privilege of playing with Chris a couple of times, SO COOL, with such funny stories, he's a good friend of Robs (who is devestated). I am so sad and shocked it's hard to know what to say... except that my love goes to his family.. and having small children myself, my heart bleeds xxxxxx

  88. An outstanding drummer, saw Chris Dagley perform at Ronnie Scott's this year and he tore it up. A sad loss. Condolences to family and friends.
    Respectfully, A Fan.

  89. We are very very proud of Chris'achievements in such a relatively short life. A great loss to the musical community at large but even more so to his partner Janice and three children Lewis 9, Lucy 6 and Louise 3, they will miss their daddy tremendously. The number and quality of musicians he has played with is truly remarkable and I thank each and everyone who has contributed to this and other blogs, texted, emailed and called to pass on their condolences.
    We'll never ever forget you Chris.
    Lots of love, Mum and Dad. xx

  90. We only recently caught onto Chris's amazing drumming. Saw him at Ronnies and then bought a Clare Teal record which includes him racing through 'Tea for Two' which we regularly enjoy listening to.
    What a loss to the Jazz scene.

  91. We are all so very saddened to hear this tragic news. Chris Dagley was a gifted artist whose sensitive, dynamic and potent drumming was a force of nature. We in the Hot Orange big band were fortunate to have him for a few gigs many years ago. He brought a flair and spirit to the performance that has rarely, if ever, been matched before or since.
    On behalf of all HO members past and present, we should like to express our sincerest condolences to his family, friends and the jazz community at large. Miss you Chris - Rest in Peace.

    Dave Hammer & Richard Pywell
    Hot Orange

  92. Such a very sad loss. Condolences to all his friends and family. RIP Chris.

    Kate Williams

  93. We were devasted to hear the tragic news. Even as the non-musician side of the Dagley family, we always looked forward to seeing Chris playing at various gigs and loved his company. He will be greatly missed.

    We are thinking of you, David, Molly, Jan and the children, at this very sad time.

    Roger and Helen

  94. RIP Chris, your legacy lives on. All our thoughts are with Jan and family

    Sheena Davis xxx

  95. Are You going to the Ealing Jazz Festival this weekend?

    Jim Richardson shall be selling a CD he made with Chris, Jim Mullen & Don Weller.

    Every penny you spend will go to Chris's family

  96. Andy Gleadhill30 July 2010 at 23:49

    I have to say how sad I am to hear of Chris's passing.

    He was an outstanding musician and as a young man when I first met him in NYJO had a dignity and respect that belied his years.

    I do not believe in a life after but I am sure that the music that Chris has helped to create during his life will be an examle of the wonderful power that is music and a comfort to his family and friends.

  97. Chris was a beautiful and soulful man and a beautiful and soulful musician. His sudden death like this is just profoundly sad. I will miss him greatly and never forget him.
    Rest in peace beautiful guy.
    Gary Husband

  98. The club is in mourning. We are a tight knit community in Frith Street and Chris was an integral part of what we do. He is a massive loss to us all.
    We were out in New York doing a Ronnies night at Birdland last month. He and the boys played supremely well, just fabulous. Chris was on top form, as always. Ian Shaw was with us, he said he'd never seen Chris play better, completely rose to the occasion.

    Chris was part of the club, always thinking about what 'we' could do next. Well, 'we' arn't sure what we are going do next at all now. Life goes on but it wont be quite the same at the club.

    Great drummer, great bloke.

    Simon Cooke, Ronnie Scotts.

  99. Loved watching him play at Ronnies and the Boaters in Kingston, always with such skill and delight. As a fellow drummer I enjoyed a few chats with him about 'trad grip' etc ! A great loss indeed.

  100. Justin Tundervary31 July 2010 at 10:58

    A tragedy. I am still coming to terms with the tragic loss. I watched "the little boy who plays the drums in MYJO" become a world class drummer.
    The loss of a great drummer is terrible, but nothing compared to the loss of a father, a husband, and a son. My thoughts are with his family.

  101. My deepest sympathy to Jan, Lewis, Lucy, Louise, Chris's parents & family. I'm devestated to learn of Chris's passing. Not only was he was a fantastic musician, he was one of the nicest people I know, who was dedicated to his family. I always looked forward to playing with Chris - he really listened & responded to our playing, making gigs a truly collaborative & exciting experience. He was always ready to give, both personally and professionally.
    He has left the world far too early, but a better place for him having been in it.

  102. I have known Chris from when he was very young. His drive for perfection and his dexterity were evident as he worked his way through the games on my trusty old BBC Computer. I also had the pleasure of seeing him play in the NYJO Days. I will always remember him as a pleasent, courteous and smiling young man.

    My sincere condolences to the family


  103. I'm deeply shocked at the news about Chris. He was an awesome musician who made what he did look so easy. He really cared about the music and he was a true gentleman.I was a big fan of his drumming to say the least.
    Ronnie's will not be the same without him, and I know how much everyone who knew Chris will miss him and his contribution to music.My condolencies go out to his family at this difficult time.
    RIP Chris,
    Matt Home

  104. Always a pleasure to see you and work with you. A truly tragic loss. Rest In Peace Chris and God bless all your family.


  105. I read this and your most recent post. wonderful tributes. May you have a break from honoring those who go before us.

  106. Im deeply saddned to hear that chris is no longer with us, He was a legend and shall never be forgotten! god bless janet & family all our hearts are with you at this sad time,

    rip chris....

    colin & family

  107. Chris had that certain something that made you listen and smile, a pure musicality that cannot be taught or even learned; he played great jazz with, as Whitney Balliett put it "The sound of Surprise". A great player. Very sad, love to all his family.

  108. A wonderful human being and a fantastic musician.
    Thanks Chris for all the fun times.
    Peace and Love to all your family.


  109. I was asleep in my bunk on the tour bus last week,on my way to a gig in Belgium when i was given the terrible news!
    Chris Dagley was a beautiful musician and a warm,considerate human being.
    We shared something special together,trying to develop a sound in a band called YJP (Yoruba Jazz People). From the moment I heard Chris play,I knew that was what was needed to make the music 'catch fire'. Your flame has never left my heart Chris. I will miss you intensely. My heart goes out to your lovely wife,children and family.
    Sola Akingbola

  110. Chris, whatever the gig - if you were on it, we knew it would be fabulous.

    I did the NYJO German tour many years ago and was amazed by your talent then. In the years since then, every time I heard you (or was lucky enough to be playing along side you) I was thrilled by your time, passion, technique and above all your swing.
    You were truly the most amazing musician and will always be loved and admired by all of us.

    I am away in America now but my thoughts are with you and your family at this terrible time.

    We will all miss you so much,
    RIP Daggers,

    Chris Traves

  111. I had the pleasure of watching Chris play many times, and from the first thought he was one the most exciting talents in the country. My most cherished memory is a night at Ronnies when Gwilum Symcock sat in with the house band after a set with Bill Bruford's Earthworks.
    It was the first time I'd seen Gwilam play and was blow away with his improvisation, but Chris really made the night with a staggering display of sensitive and intelligent playing, leaving space and building dynamics to perfection. A truly terrible loss for the music world, his wife, children, parents friends and fans alike. He'll live on in the memory of all those he loved, played with and inspired, Geoff Bolam

  112. Having played in NYJO with Chris for several years I will never forget his amazing playing and what a genuinely good person he was.

    I have many fond memories of Chris.

    I also remember talking to his dad who drove him to rehearsals and gigs when he was too young to drive - your tireless encouragement and belief in Chris was an inspiration.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

    RIP Daggers

    Pete Cooper

  113. There is a book of Condolence in the foyer at Ronnies. In case anyone wants to add to these amazing tributes.

  114. Rosemary Squires1 August 2010 at 17:13

    I first met Chris in 1996 as the drummer on the opening night of my Doris Day Show since when we toured quite a while. This young man with the infectious smile and amazing talent was soon a favorite of the whole company. I also recall his pleasure introducing his parents at one of our shows.

    It is a sad time of course for the music world as a whole but particularly for his family to whom my hearfelt condolences go out.

    Fond memories
    Rosemary Squires

  115. I first met Chris when he was 18 and joined the Brian Dee trio which I was part of. He was a rare breed of drummers with a great sense of time and taste. He was equally at home with small group or big band. I last worked with him last Christmas on the Oscar Peterson tribute at the club. He was a lovely guy and will be sadly missed. This has been a terrible week for British jazz with the loss of both Chris and Martin Drew. My condolences to Chris's family. Len Skeat.

  116. In our last conversation Chris told me it doen't matter what make, model or value of instrument you're playing, you'll always end up sounding like you. The thing with playing with Chris was he was always able to make you sound more like you, more comfortable in your skin, more happy to be alive. He was truly inspired and a true, compassionate inspiration to everyone who heard him. An absolute gem of a human being, what a privilege to have known him.

    What a legacy. We'll miss you Daggers.

    Heather Hoyle

  117. Steve Taylor &amp; Josie Frater2 August 2010 at 01:01

    Such tragic and sad news of the death of Chris. A terrible loss to music and such a sad, sad loss to his family and friends. Such an obviously special person as the comments above declare.
    Our thoughts are with you all.
    Steve Taylor & Josie Frater

  118. You will be sadly missed. Still cannot believe this has happened. Our thoughts and sympathy are with Janice, kids and his relatives. R.I.P. Scott, Janet and Marjorie

  119. Such power and grace, spirit and sensitivity, a music lesson and a privilage every time we played. Each time felt special and seeing all the comments it's clear you gave everyone you played with something very important.

    Right now I can hear you move to sticks and soar man .....!!! Thankyou and R.I.P. Chris

    Dave Jones.

  120. The last time I saw Chris Play was a couple of months ago at Ronnie's and thought that he'd become the complete drummer / musician. I actually enjoyed his set / drumming more than the main act itself (steve Smith). I walked away from the club that evening and was proud of how much Chris had developed and become a true master of his instrument.

    I didn't know Chris on a personal level, however, I know a class drummer when I see and hear one and Chris was just that, pure genius.

    God bless your soul Chris and R.I.P.

    Bulent Ali

  121. Chris was a great inspiration and supportive person in my life.I am not at the point where I can talk about him in the past, but I just wish I could tell him I love him and will miss him for the rest of my life.
    To Jan and Chris' folks, I am sending you all my love, as is Siobhan.
    We always felt his support and friendship any time, however fleeting, that we saw him.
    I will of course miss his playing ,as he was the best.

  122. I have spent the past few days trying to come to terms with such a loss to this world. Even today I seem to be unable to write down or verbalise how I feel about all of us losing such a wonderful person so early into his life. I have read every single comment on this site and others too yet I'm still struggling to figure it out. Chris was loved by absolutely everyone he came into contact with and his passing has truly taken the wind out of my sails. I cannot begin to imagine how David, Molly, Jan and the children are feeling. It will be of little comfort right now but his time with us has not been wasted as he has achieved so much and inspired so many people.

    He has left a Daggers shapped hole in this world that will be around forever.

    God bless you David, Molly, Jan & children, and everyone who loved him.

    RIP Chris, this world is a duller place without you.


  123. Milton McDonald3 August 2010 at 15:48

    You've never been far from my thoughts since I heard the awful news, I have such funny, happy memories of time spent with you. It had been too long since we were last together but of course I never dreamed that I wouldn't be seeing you again in this world.We all miss you my friend, my heart goes out to your family. Love always, Milts x

  124. Only came across Chris earlier in the summer after listening to Clare Teal's album Live at Ebenezers which she introduces with "Mr Christopher Dagley on the drums - as fast as you can". This has been the musical backdrop to my summer and this sad news is going to make hearing that just a little more poignant. Clearly a talent beyond compare and from the other comments here one that will be hard to replace.

    A friend in music

  125. Geoffrey and Joanne3 August 2010 at 21:20

    Last Friday we called into the Dog & Duck for a few relaxing beers and bumped into Jimmy P, as we do. At that moment our evening out was turned on its head ... he gave us the devastating news about Chris.
    We’ve been members of Ronnie’s since well before “the change” and have watched & listened to James, Sam and Chris grow and develop into the tight knit and superb jazz trio that they had become. We, and all of our friends we brought to Ronnie’s over the years since were always in awe of Chris’s natural ability to really bound with the music, he played the whole drum kit with, it seemed, every fibre of his body. We loved to watch as he communicated just by the merest nod of his head with the rest of the band that he was coming to the end of a break (or felt like starting one).
    Away from the stand he was a real gent, always ready to chat with us at the bar. I will always remember trying to express to him what his percussive skills meant to me and trying somewhat clumsily to explain that for me that there was a certain “musicality” about the way he played ... almost tuneful. He was very gracious in his response which, for us, typified his whole personality.
    We spent an hour or so at the bar on Friday evening just thinking about Daggers and still cannot believe that we will never see him there again ... what a waste.
    Our thoughts are with James and Sam as well as his family.

  126. So sorry to hear this sad news.........drumming has lost a great man.

    He will be put with the best of British drummers in the years to come to despite being relatively young.

    I will be showing my pupils and students examples of his playing for many years to come.

    My thoughts go to his loved ones
    Ray Smith

  127. RIP

    Moving tribute by Marti Pellow on Weekend Wogan -

  128. We had the unforgetable experience of seeing Chris play at the Pump House during the Aldeburgh Festival, he was absolutely amazing so exciting to watch.We are deeply saddened by his tragic death, our thoughts are with his family.

  129. we had a mutual apreceation going on you with your fantastc musicalaty and me an actor ,i loved all our chats and laughing ,i had never met anyone so cool ,taleted , egoless ,and genuen as you [and i have met the bigest names ]you are a star and now you are with god and the anjels x ,my thorts are with your famely ,goodby chris , rest peacfully in heavan .jeff stewart .x .

  130. Chris was like a true brother to me. We had a studio together for many years and I am one of very few people who had the honour, privilege and experience of watching Chris practice for hours and hours during good times and bad. He was an absolute musical talent and being a drummer myself I was always blown away with his rock solid playing, musical styles and sight reading ability!

    Chris relied on me a lot to help him out with problems and things and I will greatly miss that. I will miss his company and the endless hours of fun, mucking about and laughter we used to have together both professionally in the studio and in our social lives together.

    He has sadly left a big hole in the Jazz community and I do not know of anyone else who is going to be able to fill his shoes in the same way.

    Chris was an amazing partner to my Sister, an amazing Dad to Lewis, Lucy and Louise, an amazing son to Molly and David and most of all an amazing musician!

    I will deeply miss you “Cat” (a nickname we had for each other) and will never forget you!

    Love forever…

    Paul Molin – Brother-in-Law

  131. There are no words to express the emptiness we feel without Chris. We loved him so very much and we were so proud of him. We used to love to hear what he had been doing where he had been and who he had been performing with. We will cherish the memories of all the lovely family fun days we had with Chris on the rare days that he had off work. He will never ever be forgotten. He was an amazing talented drummer and was loved by everyone. He was a devoted father who idolised his three beautiful children Lewis, Lucy and Louise.
    All our love and support will now go to our beautiful daugher Janice and our three beautiful grandchildren.
    What an honour to have known you dear Chris.
    Rest in peace now.
    Susan and Pete xxx

  132. A tribute to my lovely son Chris.
    To lose our son is almost unbearable. His dad and I have drawn comfort from the amount of love and affection, indeed been overwhelmed by the recognition of his talents and abilities as a drummer by so so many people. We’d like to say thank you to all those who have contributed with messages, actions, flowers, cards and offers of help. Chris himself would never have believed that so many people had taken such an interest in him or held him in such high regard.
    For some 30 years we have watched and helped Chris develop into the drummer he became; not always a simple task we admit. He never was the most organised of people! There has been the odd occasion when we’ve chased after a train because he’d left his cymbal bag on it, rescued his car from a ditch after he misjudged the width of it, told him where his gig was when he phoned after leaving home without thinking where he was going or, more recently, emptied his tank of 50 litres of petrol when it should have been filled with diesel – but even so, we’ve never regretted one moment of it.
    As for his playing, you are the judge and jury; he was always critical, and analysed everything he played in his desire to get even better. He covered most of the musical genres and was recognised in each of them.
    For us he leaves behind a wonderful legacy in Jan and his three lovely children, many hours of recorded music, videos, and just being so proud of what he has achieved in such a relatively short time.
    Dad and I will miss you forever and hope that we played a small part in making you the consummate musician you became. We will always love you and still find it incredibly hard to believe what has happened. Rest in peace till we meet again.
    Mum xx

  133. I could not believe the tragic news of Chris's untimely passing.I first remember seeing Chris play down at MYJO WHEN HE WAS ONLY 13!He had just taken over the drum chair from the great Pete Cater;No easy task!Chris looked like he'd been playing the gig all his life,such was his great skill behind the kit.I also vividly remember Chris's amazing playing on Rob MCconnall's 'I Got Rhythm'.Well he had-In bucket loads.I saw Molly and Dave only three weeks ago as they let me know he'd just got back off yet another high profile tour.I also got to hear Chris's live Ronnies album with trio;his playing was TRULY WONDERFUL.Chris was an incredible child drummer who grew up to be an even more incredible musician.RIP Chris

    My thoughts are with Dave,Molly and all the family.Neil Bullock

  134. I've known Chris all his life, didn't see much of him in later years but his Mom and Dad always kept me informed of his amazing achievements in the music world and his life with his family. I know that he will be greatly missed by all who knew him and I pray that his family will find the strength to get through this terrible tragedy. My thoughts and love are with Molly and David, Jan and the children. love Maureen x

  135. I had the pleasure of knowing and playing with Chris since 1996 when I came to London. He was the drummer with NYJO when I was invited to bring along some of my charts to a rehearsal which he we played through flawlessly. He was also a very generous guy, inviting me to his Rayners Lane flat to advise me about local real estate when I was purchasing a property nearby. He even showed me how make a proper English cuppa! His playing with the Ronnie Scotts Big Band in October 2009 for Salena Jones was brilliant. So sad to lose you, Chris.

    Frank Griffith

  136. I was priviledged to have Chris play in my function band when he was 16/17 - his Dad brought him to gigs. It was obvious he was destined for great things. Was always chuffed when I heard him on the radio or saw him on TV; by chance I saw him at Canary Wharf with the BBC Radio Big Band only a couple of weeks ago - spent the next few days boasting that 'I once shared a stage with Chris Dagley'. Chris was truely gifted as well as being blessed with a loving family. I feel priviledged to have known Chris and send my sincere condolences to his family and friends. Mike Land

  137. You wouldn't think it possible to grieve for someone you didn't know, but that's exactly how I feel at the moment. The death of Martin Drew recently and then today the announcement of the passing of Jack Parnell, means the music world has lost 3 great British drummers in a fortnight. Chris's death is all the more tragic simply because of his age and the young family he leaves behind. I hope his family can gain strength from the outpouring of love shown on this and many other sites as people leave their own messages of support.
    Richard Malin

  138. Family Announcement:
    There is limited capacity at the crematorium and the service will be held in the West Chapel. The East Chapel will be used as an overflow facility linked by CCTV. Chris' dad has had to make the incredibly difficult decision to create a list of family members and close friends, to ensure that they will get into the West Chapel. Please do not be offended if you are not on this list.

    Cado Bell's (the drum head) tribute page to Chris is at:

  139. Although I didn't know chris personally, I had the please of watching him play a few times and was always totally blown away/inspired by his drumming. What a terrible loss for the london jazz community but more importantly for his close friends and family. RIP


  140. I was with mutual friends on a tour bus when we heard the sad sad news. Totally devastating. I met Chris over 20 years ago, not long after I moved to England and found myself living in the midlands. His reputation as a drummer preceded him and his awesome playing confirmed what I'd heard, he was a truly gifted musician. From that first jazz gig, to the pop gigs, recordings and tours I was fortunate to share with Chris, his playing was always sublime. As incredible as his musicianship was, it was only part of Chris, because his energy, positivity and beautiful personality were equally blinding.
    Chris, I have memories of great gigs and great laughs, it was an honour and pleasure to play music and enjoy life with you my friend. My heartfelt sympathies are with your family.

  141. Chris Dagley was, quite simply, one of the finest drummers I have ever seen. In terms of swinging a band he ranks with Clare, Fisher, Verrell and, yes, Rich, Bellson, Ceroli and DeMerle.
    Since at, I think, the age of 3 when I first heard a recording of Artie Shaw's "Traffic Jam" it has been the drummer that I have paid most attention to.
    Now, at the age of 63 ( I will be 64 tomorrow ) listening to and watching drummers is still my passion.
    I now live in France and at 1pm ( French time )tomorrow I will raise a glass to Chris and play the recording of Harry South's "Buddy" featuring the then 18 year old drum marvel propelling NYJO with such incredible flair and technique.
    To Chris's mum and dad ( we met a few times, most memorably after the Golders Green recording) and to his young family my profound sympathy.
    Jeff Smith

  142. Only today did I learn of the awful, sad news. Chris & I worked together many times. Not only was he a wonderful drummer but he was the nicest guy you could ever meet. I am shocked that such a young talent has been taken from us. With the sad loss of Martin Drew and Jack Parnell, this has been an awful week.

    RIP Chris. You will never be forgotten

    John Whelan

  143. Today we gathered to say goodbye to our dear friend Chris Dagley (1971-2010). He may be gone but he will live in our memories forever.


    Pete Cater

  144. "Our lives were enriched with Chris in it, we were very proud to know him and that can be seen by the sheer numbers of people here to pay their respects."


    This tribute is from a news story in today's Uxbridge Gazette

  145. Auch ich bin traurig. Deine Musik ist pures Leben - Dein Leben - auch wenn Du gegangen bist!

    Mein herzliches Beileid an Deine Familie. Viel Staerke und Liebe in dieser schweren Zeit!


  146. Translation of Christiane's tribute, just posted:

    I am saddened by this too. Your music is pure life - your life - even though you have departed.

    My sincere sympathy to your family. Much strength and love at this difficult time.

  147. David Dagley has writter by email:

    Our family would like to say thanks to all those people who helped make the day so memorable - we'll certainly never forget it; nor the wealth of musical talent who just wanted to be there.

    There are a few people I'd like to mention by name, but our thanks go out to everyone who was there on Thursday 12th August 2010 who made 'our family' feel so proud of Chris' achievements and overwhelmed by the strength of support.

    In absolutely no particular order.....

    Clare Martin, Darren Evans, Ray Owen, Simon Cooke, James Pearson, Sam Burgess, Nigel Hitchcock, Carleen Anderson, Natalie Williams, Gareth Williams, Boo, Paul Eshelby, Ralph Salmins, Harold Fisher, Bobby Worth, Peter Cater, Scot Chapman, Neil Bullock, all the musicians we didn't get a chance to see and hear, everyone who gave us CD's, DVD's and literature of Christopher, everyone who came and spoke to me who's names I can't remember, all those who contributed financially, and finally Ronnie Scotts for being there for Chris.

    A Big Thank You to everyone for sharing in our tragic loss and for being there to say 'Au revoir' to Christopher.

  148. I suppose everyone will always remember where they were when they heard that Christopher was dead. We were on holiday in France when Sarah rang to tell us the terrible news.
    Although such a talent as Chris had is rare indeed, his achievements during his tragically short life owed a lot to the unwavering support and encouragement of Molly and Dave and later of his partner Jan.
    In trying to make some sense of what has happened we bear in mind that life must go on - it will just never be the same again.
    We send our love and sympathy to those who were closest to him.
    Geoff & Pat

  149. It's just so sad and so senseless. As a patron of R.S. you appreciate the artists', but never more than now. Always remember:

    Death is nothing at all
    Death is nothing at all,
    I have only slipped away
    into the next room.
    I am I,
    and you are you;
    whatever we were to each other,
    that, we still are.
    Call me by my old familiar name,
    speak to me in the easy way
    which you always used,
    put no difference in your tone,
    wear no forced air
    of solemnity or sorrow.
    Laugh as we always laughed
    at the little jokes we shared together.
    Let my name ever be
    the household word that it always was.
    Let it be spoken without effect,
    without the trace of a shadow on it.
    Life means all
    that it ever meant.
    It is the same as it ever was.
    There is unbroken continuity.
    Why should I be out of mind
    because I am out of sight?
    I am waiting for you,
    for an interval,
    somewhere very near,
    just around the corner.
    All is well.

    Henry Scott Holland
    1847 -1918

  150. daddy we will miss you forever and you will be in our hearts and minds forever R.I.P daddy.

    by lewis dagley {aka soldier}

  151. Whenever we were in Ronnie Scotts, my husband and I usualy had the table nearest the drummer's kit. We were absolutely delighted with the brilliance of Chris's playing and we always shook his hand after his set to let him know how much we enjoy his playing, he in turn was always modest with his thanks. We were on holiday and didnt hear the sad news about Chris until we returned. Such a great loss. Our deepest Condolences to his family.

  152. Confirmed to play in Ronnie's on the 20th to help raise funds for Chris's Family are: Natalie Williams, Jamie Cullum, Claire Martin, Mike Lindup, Phil Gould, Carleen Anderson, James Pearson, The Ronnie Scott's All Stars, Jim Mullen, Selena Jones. More names to be confirmed shortly.

  153. Chris Dagley Concert Update for Ronnie's on the 20th

    Also appearing on the bill will be Liane Carroll

  154. My husband and I were shocked to hear the sad news, we saw Chris play at Ronnie Scotts this year and we were amazed by his talent and energy. Our thoughts go out to his family xxx

  155. Boaters in Canbury Gardens Kingston will be putting on a memorial gig to Chris Dagley

    Sunday 23rd January, 8pm - A Tribute to Chris Dagley

    A special evening to celebrate the life of one of the UK's finest drummers. Chris was one of the first drummers to play at Boaters when the gig began in 1990 and was an integral part of the growth of the gig as he played here so often. During the last four years he had been the resident drummer at Ronnie Scott's, but his sheer talent and versatility had also seen him play with the likes of Marti Pellow, Gary Barlow and Claire Martin. Tonight's gig sees a gathering of friends to pay tribute to this much loved man and peerless drummer. Some of the special guests appearing tonight include Natalie Williams, Carleen Anderson, Rick Astley, Ian Harrison, Neal Wilkinson, Ian Thomas, Pete Cater, Darren Altman, Mornington Lockett, Scott Garland, Lisa Graham, Laurence Cottle, Sam Burgess, Simon Carter and many more.