Who's on Twitter?

Donna M from just outside Columbus, the state capital of Ohio, is on the micro-blogging site Twitter as @ElementsofJazz, and has become a focal point for disseminating information about jazz. She has just completed a massive alphabetical listing of people involved in jazz, or jazzerati worldwide, on her Elements of Jazz website

It's an impressively long list. Donna is a volunteer but seeks donations to support the work. Twitter is informative, ultra-fast...but lapses easily into displacement activity. e.g....

You soon discover that both Hammond dervish Mike Gorman and Diana Krall's guitarist Anthony Wilson are massively into food...


  1. Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you for letting your readers know about the Twitter Jazzerati list!

    That list has been growing over the past 2 years, almost since the beginning of my Twitter "life". I'm glad to finally have control over it by putting it in alpha order.

    PS ~ That's too funny re: Mike Gorman & Anthony Wilson. :)

  2. markjohnramsden@twitter.com A song, a smile and a little vituperation...the best Jazz Zen Satanist feed on the web.

  3. Seb. I obtain extreme pleasure from Donna's tweets @elementsofjazz All credit to her in this gargantuan task. Just off to my 40yo card index of who plays on which album... Steve Plumb @citymuso