Ladies in Mercedes : The Impossible Gentlemen Leeds 23 June

- A Youtube clip from the tour just ended.

- The band living quietly and comfortably in Steve Swallow's tune up till 2:18.

- Then Mike Walker builds a solo gently but inexorably from the simplest beginnings up to 4:29.

- Then Gwilym Simcock takes it higher and higher towards 7:24.

- Then a minute of crisp attack from Adam Nussbaum ...

- Approaching 8:26 when Steve Swallow's tune gets to open up. On the freeway, foot to the floor.

But who needs a Mercedes? Have a LEAD-SHEET courtesy of Steve Swallow's website and - er, in theory anyway - you can try this at home.


  1. What a cracking video - not flash, but captures their neat, tight, flowing playing so well, with great sound (from the control desk?) - and on YouTube there's much more from that Leeds gig at Seven Jazz which I'm listening to right now ( Thanks for that post, Seb - an eye-opener!

  2. I must add that a visit to Steve Swallow's website is absolutely essential!

    It is just such a 'I didn't expect this' site packed with humour and information. I won't give anything away - but it's a breath of fresh air. Anarchy rools!