Preview: Eyes of a Blue Dog at Pizza Express Dean Street, Oct 19th

Rory Simmons writes about his new group Eyes of a Blue Dog, who are performing at Pizza Express on October 19th as part of the F-IRE festival. Sound clips from the new album on Babel  and link to photos below:

Eyes Of A Blue Dog is a collaboration between myself, Terje Evensen (drums/electronics) and Elisabeth Nygaard (vocals). If you don't already know these two musicians, they are incredible.

- Terje Evensen has been at the forefront of Norwegian electronic and improvised music for the last 10 years- working with Spin Marvel, PD Conception, John Paul Jones and Nis Petter Molvaer.

- Elisabeth Nygaard is one of the most striking singers of her generation, sounding somewhere between Sidsel Endressen and Bjork. I have had the pleasure of working with her in Fringe Magnetic for many years but she can also be heard in Moov and Extended Corner.

Eyes of a Blue Dog came about through our work together with other projects, but also through our shared interests in musicians such as Sidsel Endressen/Humcrush/Matthew Herbert/Hanne Hukkelberg. Our debut album Rise is coming out on Babel in November. It is a record where we wanted to place simple shorter 'songs' sit next to landscapes of ambient improvisation but in a place where it all felt part of the same story. From a kind of post-Portishead bubbling blues to free flowing improv, we are really proud of this album . The name is taken from the 1950's Gabriel Garcia Marquez novella of magical realism, perhaps this same dream-like quality is in the music at times?

So we are really looking forward to being part of the F-IRE Festival at the Pizza Express on October 19th. It will be a really exciting night of music, it will be our first opportunity to perform some of this music live- Elisabeth Nygaards poise and intensity is something truly special and Terje Evensen's beautiful approach to textures and shaping will make this concert something really amazing. And of course, I am always massively privileged to share the stage with these people- I'll be playing the trumpet (and maybe some other things too!). Hope to see you there!


- Some photos with this review.

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