NEWS: Gearbox Records' Best-selling LP to date

Adam Sieff of Gearbox Records

Our near-neighbour Adam Sieff of Gearbox Records popped in to see us today, and tells us that the most recent Gearbox Records LP, Prelude to Heart is a Lotus, from the Michael Garrick Sextet, recorded in 1968, and with thoughtful new sleevenotes by Stephen Graham, has just become Gearbox's best-selling album to date. It was released just last Wednesday August 14th, and the first print has more or less already run out.

Gearbox Records website


  1. Well it was reviewed on Bebop Spoken Here...

  2. Many thanks Lance, your review was the first one in and certainly started the ball rolling. We were also delighted that you made this very special LP a frontrunner for your record of the year.