Podcast: Interview with Jay Phelps

We spoke to trumpeter Jay Phelps from Vancouver (but based in London) about his gig at the Hippodrome (Jay's Jitter Jive) on the 22nd November at 8:00pm (EFG London Jazz Festival) with his octet. They play classic swing music from, Cab Calloway to Duke Ellington to Lionel Hampton.

There will also be a dance class before the concert (starts 19:00).

We also chatted about his new project - Projections of Miles, the first of what will hopefully be a series of projections of different jazz giants – featuring musicians like Soweto Kinch and Tim Thornton.


Musical Excerpt

Nefertiti - Miles Davis (Nefertiti. 1967, Columbia) at 09:19

Hippodrome tickets HERE

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