Podcast: Interview with Sarah Gillespie (The Life of Bessie Smith, Premiere 10 Mar Pizza Express Dean Street)

We interviewed singer/songwriter Sarah Gillespie about the background to a new show The Life of Bessie Smith, which has its premiere in the Soho Interpretations series at Pizza Express Dean Street on Tuesday March 10th. The band is Kit Downes - piano, Ben Bastin - bass and Enzo Zirilli - drums. Music excerpts

Gimme a Pigfoot (Bessie Smith): [2:52]
My Kitchen Man (Bessie Smith) [5:22]
St James Infirmary (Sarah Gillespie) [12:32]

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  1. Let us all hope that Sarah tours with this interpretation of Bessie's music. No better person to do it.

    1. Thank you my dear! Really wish you could be there :( xx