PODCAST/ INTERVIEW : Renato D'Aiello (Debut of Confluences - @LauderdaleHouse ,Oct 16th)

In her first interview for us. radio presenter Hayley Redmond interviewed Italian-born, London-based saxophonist  Renato D'Aiello - normally to be found at his Monday night residency at Ronnie Scott's Upstairs - about Confluences, a project bringing in, among other elements, Indian music and poetry. 

Confluences will have its debut outing this Thursday 16th October at Lauderdale House in Highgate (BOOKINGS). Hayley's interview captures a unique moment, as Renato D'Aiello eagerly anticipates this a significant and very personal concept, the product of many years of forethought, coming to fruition.

Track rounding off the interview is The Adventurer.

Performance this Thursday featuring:
Ranjana Ghatak Indian singing ( London ) Hiroshi Murayama piano ( Tokyo/Paris)
Sandro Zerafa guitars ( Malta/Paris )
Nicola Muresu double bass (Sardinia)
Ivano Indralal Fortuna Percussion/vocal ( Italy )
Emiliano Caroselli drums/percussion ( Rome/London)
Special guest Madeleine Kate Hyland - actor( UK )

LINK: Interview with Renato D'Aiello from April 2014

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