NEWS: Jazz on 3 to be replaced by new Monday night BBC Radio 3 jazz programme starting in April

A Press Release from 7Digital today confirmed the rumours that Unique, its radio production subsidiary has won a tender process, and will be replacing Somethin' Else, the producers of Jazz on 3 for the past eighteen years, as producer of BBC Radio 3's Monday Night jazz programme. The first programme from the new team is scheduled for early April.

In an first official statement - more detail will emerge in the next few weeks - Executive Producer Alyn Shipton, on behalf of 7Digital/ Unique said:

'We are all very excited by this opportunity to bring the best of contemporary jazz to BBC Radio 3, both from Britain and the rest of the world. We hope to satisfy existing fans of jazz, and also draw in plenty of new listeners to music we are passionate about and committed to supporting. We look forward to the work ahead.'

The full text of 7Digital's Press Release is HERE.


  1. Oh, great. Will go the way of Jazz Record Requests?

  2. Does this mean that jazz be getting more air time on Radio 3?

  3. I do hope there will be time allowed for free improvised live jazz and that we don't just get a diet of commercial CD plays.

  4. so far so bad another bbc tendering review gone wrong