PREVIEW: 2016 Inntoene Festival (Diersbach, Upper Austria, May 13-15)

The main stage in the barn at Inntoene
Photo credit : Michael Fuehrmann

Sebastian writes:

One of the most characterful jazz festivals in Europe is Inntoene. It takes place over Whitsun weekend on a working pig-farm in open country near Diersbach in the Innviertel, a part of Upper Austria close to the German border. It is a relaxed affair where congeniality and the sense of a shared experience take over from wristbands, walkie-talkies, security and VIP areas. It has a main stage in a large 850-seater barn, and a "St.Pig's" a small club setting.

For such a small festival, Inntoene clearly punches above its weight - it was where Gregory Porter gave his first festival appearance in Continental Europe, for example. Two broadcasters, Austrian Radio and WDR3, record the whole programme. This year's line-up looks a fascinating mix of the legendary, the better-known and the new and unfamiliar.

I wrote about this festival for Allaboutjazz last time I went in 2011, and am looking forward to a second visit.:

Just that sight of all the times in the programme below being given as "ca." or "approximate" helps to get one into the mood of a relaxed, unstressed, close encounter with some great music.


Friday 13th May

ca. 19:00: Kenny Werner Trio
ca. 20:30: Rosenberg Trio (gypsy jazz / two guitars and bass)
ca. 22:15: Rom / Schaerer / Eberle
ca. 23:45: Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentleman

Saturday 14th May

ca. 14:00: SO III (Finnish trio)
ca. 15:45: Gadi Lehavi Trio (Israeli-born pianist)
ca. 17:30: Márcio Faraco Solo (Brazilian-born guitarist)
ca. 19:15: Harry Pepl (tape) & Salesny / Bayer / Frosch / Heginger
ca. 21:00: Al Foster Quartet
ca. 23:00: Ruthie Foster

Sunday 15th May

ca. 11:00: Funky Lemons Big Band / Upper Austria Youth Jazz Orchestra
ca. 14:00: AMC Unit (Slovakian piano trio)
ca. 15:45: Azar Lawrence "Tribute to McCoy Tyner"
ca. 17:30: Dom La Nena
ca. 19:15: Dudek/Haurand/Humair
ca. 21:00: Peter Bernstein Quartet
ca. 23:00: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

LINK: Inntoene Festival website

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  1. My own reviews of Inntöne for Londonjazznews in 2013 and 2014 are and
    The festival has also been supportive of musicians from London. Last year Hannes Riepler performed with Chris Cheek. This year there are also two nights of the duo of Bruno Heinen and Kristian Borring.