PODCAST INTERVIEW: Georgia Mancio (new album Songbook, launch at Ronnie Scott's April 3rd)

Alan Broadbent, Georgia Mancio
Photo credit: Carl Hyde

In this podcast interview, vocalist/ lyricist GEORGIA MANCIO explains the background to her new album Songbook, consisting of songs co-written with ALAN BROADBENT. Launch will be at Ronnie Scott's on 3rd April, and at the Gateshead Festival on April 2nd. Interviewer is Sebastian


Opening music - from The Journey Home
1: 13 Who is Alan Broadbent?
2: 19 A vision to have lyrics to his music
2:29 "How did you first get to know him?"
3:28 What was the first song you wrote lyrics to?
4:30 Intro to the Last Goodbye
4:42 Music: The Last Goodbye
5:42 The background to the Last Goodbye and how the idea of a collection / album evolved
8:05 Nostalgia and being connected to the time you live in
"songs which can sit in any era"
9: 30 Shared responsibility, the idea of a team, the quartet
involved and producer Andy Cleyndert
11:27 Background to "This one's for Bud" - and the influence of Jon Hendricks
12:58 Music: This one's for Bud
14:26 Georgia's work helping refugees and creating beauty through music
"The duty to counter injustice, art is nourishment."
17:36 Introducing Lullaby for MM
19:27 Music: Lullaby for MM

Audio production by Harry Jones (pp)

LINK: Ronnie Scott's Bookings for April 3rd
Gateshead Bookings for April 2nd

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